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Getting married as early as possible is the correct and right thing to do.

I know some brothers who will resort to zina/ or masturbation, even though they have the money/means to get married they do not want to because they want more money before they get married. They want to be “settled”. Although I feel like one should be somewhat financially stable, you don’t need 100k in the bank to get married.

Also they should be mroe realistic when coming to rating themselves. Many brothers these days find excuses for not going to the masjid, not being financially stable, always complaining. They don’t want to take any action because they are too afraid to do anything! Afraid of what? Afraid of responsibility.

The MUSLIM man should take on more responsibility and not be afraid of things like not enough money to get married, afraid of responsibility, more freedom, all excuses from shaytaan.



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nagaoka kolej

Subhanallah. Snow storm that hit Nagaoka on January 14, 2010. – by calvin.

Manusia dijadikan Allah berkasih sayang ,

Suami dan isteri dengan satu ikatan ,

Musim panas dan musim sejuk juga berpasangan ,

Beringatlah …

Dunia ini, pasangannya akhirat yang pasti .